Pastoral Search



Prayer Focus for the coming weeks:

Pray for the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit.


 Items Accomplished   (Way to Go Lampstand--Thank you Holy Spirit!!!)

Early May: Congregational Meeting  

Early May: Completion of Mission Study  

Late May: Finalized Job Description by PNC (Pastoral Nominating Committee) 

Late May:  ECO Presbytery of all documents  

Late May:  Publication and distribution of Job posting.  


*See the  Lampstand Mission Study  Here*


Where we are now:

June – July: receive applications

PNC develops interview questions



1.PNC receives Pastor Information Forms (PIF)

2.PNC conducts evaluations, listen to sermons and interviews (Zoom or in person) to narrow the list of available candidates to two or three persons.

3.PNC will coordinate with Ministry Partnership Team (MPT)of ECO to arrange background checks and interviews.



1.MPT conducts reference checks and background checks and approves candidates for final selection process.

2.PNC selects final candidate.

3.MPT conducts in depth interview on theology/polity of final candidate and reports its findings to Presbytery.

4.Congregational meeting (Joint) to affirm candidate and the terms of call. 5.MPT and/or Presbytery examines candidate and approves call of the congregation.