What to Expect

We are so glad you are considering a visit to Lampstand! There is some info we’d love to share to help make your visit a little less nerve-wracking. Above all, please know you are welcome in our house!

Weekly Bulletins



When you arrive, head to the large building on campus, this is the Worship Center. We will have greeters at each door to help you. Be sure to tell them you are visiting and they can direct you based on your needs. It is our deepest desire to make you comfortable and welcome.



Our family loves to connect. One easy way to do that is with fellowship and coffee.   Complimentary coffee is available at 10:15am AND snacks & treats are available, too.


Connection Center

We encourage you to check out the Connection Center. Located directly to the right of the sanctuary, this is where you can get information on all things Lampstand. This is also the place to go if you have any questions. 



The nursery is located in the Worship Center on the north wall next to the restrooms.. Our awesome nursery attendants will love meeting your little one!  During the 10:30am service infants through 4 years are welcome!



Kid's Ministry will be during the 10:30 am service for ages 4 through 6th grade.  Kids will enter the Worship service with you and then after the Praise set, kiddos will be invited to Children's Church.  After Worship, collect them in the rooms outside the Main Sanctuary with the glass doors.



6th grade through 12 grade meet Sunday afternoons at 4:30pm in the brick Education Bulding in the Conference Room.  The fall session kicks off Sunday, September 12th.



We are a casual church. Come as you are. You will see everything from jeans to ,well, more jeans...maybe a pair or two of khakis.  The moral to the story--Be comfortable!



We celebrate the Lord’s Supper every month. Should you be visiting us on one of those Sundays, here’s the drill: you will pick up a pre-packaged cup that holds the bread and juice before you walk into the sanctuary. At the appropriate time during the service the elements will be taken.  We believe that ALL people are welcome to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.


Worship Style

We are a well-rounded church when it comes to worship. You will see everything from sitting down to swaying, dancing, lifting hands. We encourage the spirit to move and hope you feel able to worship however you are moved.


Baptism/Covenant Partnership (Church Membership)

If you are interested in either of these, YAY! Please speak to Pastor Jan or call the church office for further information.