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Advent Jehovah Jireh: The God Who Provides
by: Russell Muilenburg | 12-04-2022

Advent His Name Is: El Elyon: God Most High
by Russell Muilenburg | 11-27-2022

Stand Alone Sermon Level Ground At The Foot of The Cross
by Russell Muilenburg | 11-20-2022

Stand Alone Sermon The Curious Case of Onesimus
by Russell Muilenburg | 11-13-2022

"Misquoted" Love the Sinner; Hate The Sin
by Russell Muilenburg | 11-06-2022

"Misquoted" A Godly Home Guarantees Godly Children
by Russell Muilenburg | 10-30-2022

"Misquoted" I Am Enough
by Beth Muilenburg | 10-23-2022

"Misquoted" Christians Should Not Judge
by Russell Muilenburg | 10-16-2022

"Misquoted" God Needed Another Angel I Heaven
by Russell Muilenburg | 10-09-2022

"Misquoted" "God Said It" "I Believe It" "That Settles it"
By Russell Muilenburg | 10-02-2022

"Misquoted" "You Just Gotta Believe"
by Russell Muilenburg | 09-25-2022

Force of Habit Encourage One Another
by Russell Muilenburg | 09-18-2022

Force of Habit Spur One Another On
by Russell Muilenburg | 09-11-2022

Force of Habit The Hope We Profess
by Russell Muilenburg | 09-04-2022

Force of Habit Draw Near To God
Russell Muilenburg | 08-28-2022

Force of Habit The Habit of Meeting Together
by Russell Muilenburg | 08-21-2022

Super Heroes of the Bible Mary: Favored by God
by Russell Muilenburg | 08-14-2022

Super Heroes of the Bible Paul: Seeing the Light
by Russell Muilenburg | 08-07-2022

Super Heroes of the Bible Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet
by Russell Muilemburg | 07-31-2022

Super Heroes of the Bible Ruth: A Love Story
by Russell Muilenburg | 07-24-2022

Super Heroes of the Bible Daniel: Shutting the Mouths of Lions
by Russell Mulenburg | 07-17-2022

Super Heroes of the Bible Shadrach, Meschach, & Abed-nego: Another In the Fire
by Russell Muilenburg | 07-10-2022

Super Heroes of the Bible Elijah - Showdown on Mt. Carmel
by Russell Muilenburg | 07-03-2022

Super Heroes of the Bible RAHAB - The Scarlett Cord
by Russell Muilenburg | 06-26-2022

Super Heroes of the Bible Joseph - What's Your Legacy
by Russell Muilenburg | 06-19-2022

Super Heroes of the Bible Ezekiel: Bones into Armies
by Russell Muilenburg | 06-12-2022

Light the Lamp Light On A Stand
by Russell Muilenburg | 06-05-2022

Light the Lamp Give Me Oil in My Lamp
by Russell Muilenburg | 05-29-2022

Light the Lamp Thy Word
by Russell Muilenburg | 05-22-2022

Light the Lamp You Keep My Lamp Burning
by Russell Muilenburg | 05-15-2022

Light the Lamp The Golden Lampstand
by Russell Muilenburg | 05-08-2022

Light the Lamp He Walks Among the Lampstands
by Russell Muilenburg | 05-01-2022

Road to the Cross Some Endings Are New Beginnings
by Christopher Nazarian | 04-24-2022

Road to the Cross The Empty Tomb
By Christopher Nazarian | 04-17-2022

Road to the Cross Come To The Table
By Christopher Nazarian | 04-10-2022

Road to the Cross The Road to the Cross
by Christopher Nazarian | 04-03-2022

Colossians Colossians In A Nutshell
by Christopher Nazarian | 03-27-2022

Colossians Do's and Don'ts with Love
by Christopher Nazarian | 03-20-2022

Colossians The Pull of the World
by Christopher Nazarian | 03-13-2022

Colossians The Rooted Life
by Christopher Nazarian | 03-06-2022

Colossians "Jesus - The Head of the Body"
by Christopher Nazarian | 02-27-2022

Stand Alone Sermon A Feast of God
By Russell Muilenburg | 02-20-2022

Colossians The Prayer To End All Prayers
by Christopher Nazarian | 02-13-2022

Stand Alone Sermon From Moses to Joshua: What Did The People Do?
by Christopher Nazarian | 02-06-2022

Stand Alone Sermon Getting Right to Go forward: A New Day Dawning
by Christopher Nazarian | 01-30-2022

Stand Alone Sermon Getting Right to Go Forward: Our Time in Exile (Part One)
by Christopher Nazarian | 01-23-2022

Stand Alone Sermon What Love Does
by Angie Corrigan | 01-16-2022

Stand Alone Sermon How Did God Love?
by Christopher Nazarian | 01-09-2022

Stand Alone Sermon What is Love
by Christopher Nazarian | 01-02-2022

Advent Postpartum Blues
by Christopher Nazarian | 12-26-2021

Stand Alone Sermon Christmas Eve - Immanuel, God With Us
by Christopher Nazarian | 12-24-2021

Advent The Baby In Bethlehem
by Christopher Nazarian | 12-19-2021

Advent Pregnant With A Promise
By Christopher Nazarian | 12-12-2021

Advent The Promise Brings Peace
By Christopher Nazarian | 12-05-2021

Advent Living in the Overlap
By Christopher Nazarian | 11-28-2021

Galatians Celebrate Your Freedom: Love in Community
By Christopher Nazarian | 11-21-2021

Stand Alone Sermon A Big Catch of Fish
Pastor Jan Armstrong | 11-14-2021

Galatians Restating the Obvious
Pastor Jan Armstrong | 11-07-2021

Galatians Celebrate Your Freedom - Our Place in HIStory
by Christopher Nazarian | 10-31-2021

Galatians Celebrate Your Freedom - The Revealed Gospel of God
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 10-24-2021

Galatians Celebrate Your Freedom
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 10-17-2021

Stand Alone Sermon Plucking and Planting
by Christopher Nazarian | 10-10-2021

Stand Alone Sermon Church Weekly, Gathering Of Souls
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 10-03-2021

Stand Alone Sermon Make a Change, For Once In My Life
by Pastor Jan Armstrong | 09-26-2021

Stand Alone Sermon People Need the Lord - The Call of Levi
by Pastor Jan Armstrong | 09-19-2021

Stand Alone Sermon God Is Faithful
by Christopher Nazarian | 09-12-2021

Stand Alone Sermon The Provision of Work
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 09-05-2021

Stand Alone Sermon Trials of Terror
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 08-29-2021

Stand Alone Sermon God's Problem
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 08-22-2021

Stand Alone Sermon Who We Are In God's Sight - Part 2
By Christopher Nazarian | 08-15-2021

Stand Alone Sermon Who We Are In God's Sight - Part 1
By Christopher Nazarian | 08-08-2021

Journey in the Way of Peter Journey in the Way of Peter - Jesus Is Servant of All
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 08-01-2021

Journey in the Way of Peter Journey in the Way of Peter - Jesus Knows What He Is Doing
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 07-25-2021

Journey in the Way of Peter Journey In The Way of Peter - Something There Is About A Mountain
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 07-18-2021

Journey in the Way of Peter Journey in the Way of Peter - God Is In Control
by Pastor Jan Armstrong | 07-11-2021

Journey in the Way of Solomon If This Land Could Talk
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 07-04-2021

Journey in the Way of Peter Become a Disciple
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 06-27-2021

Stand Alone Sermon What Did Your Father Leave You?
Pastor Jan Armstrong | 06-20-2021

Stand Alone Sermon The Shepard's Call
by Christopher Nazarian | 06-13-2021

School of Hard Knocks Matriculating Through the School of Hard Knocks - A Table, A Mary, A Martha
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 06-06-2021

School of Hard Knocks Matriculating Through the School of Hard Knocks: Big Worship but Little Stumps
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 05-30-2021

School of Hard Knocks Matriculating Through the School of Hard Knocks: "When You Are Lost"
by Pastor Jan Armstrong | 05-23-2021

School of Hard Knocks Matriculating Through the School of Hard Knocks: Loneliness
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 05-16-2021

Stand Alone Sermon Love Never Fails
by Pastor Jan Armstrong | 05-09-2021

Stand Alone Sermon Light of the World
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 05-02-2021

Stand Alone Sermon Living With Plan B
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 04-25-2021

Stand Alone Sermon Eudonia, Syntyche, and the Book of Life
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 04-18-2021

Stand Alone Sermon A Walk to Emmaus: Next Steps on the Journey of Faith
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 04-11-2021

Stand Alone Sermon If You Want to Find Jesus
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 04-04-2021

John 20:10-29

Stand Alone Sermon Hosannah the Highest Heaven
By Christopher Nazarian | 03-28-2021

Zech 9:9, Psalm 118:25-26

Sermon On the Mount The Greatest Prayer - 1.17.21
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 03-25-2021

Matthew 6:5-15

Philippians God The Provider
By Christopher Nazarian | 03-21-2021

Phil 4:10-13

Philippians Our Focus Matters
By Christopher Nazarian | 03-14-2021

Phil 3:12-14, Phil 3:17

Philippians Nothing Compares to Jesus
By Christopher Nazarian | 03-07-2021

Phil 3:7-18, Matt 6:19-21

Philippians In The Dirt
By Christopher Nazarian | 02-28-2021

Phil 2:15-11

Philippians Living Like You're Saved
By Christopher Nazarian | 02-21-2021

Phil 1:27, Phil 2:12

Stand Alone Sermon Friendship with Jesus: The Rule of Love
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 02-14-2021

John 15:11-17

Sermon On the Mount Two Builders
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 02-07-2021

Matt 7:21-29

Sermon On the Mount The Father's Heart
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 01-31-2021

Matt 5:21-22, Matt 5:45

Sermon On the Mount The Love of Scripture
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 01-24-2021

Matt 5:17-20

Sermon On the Mount The Greatest Prayer
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 01-17-2021

Matt 6:5-15

Sermon On the Mount Greatest Sermon the Beautitudes/Blessings
By Pastor Jan Armstrong | 01-10-2021

Matt 5:3-11