Great Banquet
& Awakening

Lampstand Church offers a weekend experience called the Great Banquet that allows each participant to meet with Jesus in a personal and profound way.  The focus of these weekends is to deepen the faith of those who know Jesus…Or, to introduce Jesus to those who are ready to receive him. The ultimate goal is for each person to know Jesus as Savior and Lord and to make Him known. After the weekend, each participant is challenged to continue the 3-day experience by serving Christ in local churches, homes, and work places… to live a life of grace and to respond to higher levels of Christian discipleship.  


Spring 2024 Great Banquet Dates

Men's Weekend #130: April 4-7, Lay Director Steve Woods

Women's Weekend #131: April 18-31, Lay Director Mary Cardascio 



The Awakening is a teen version of the Great Banquet geared specifically for youth.  At this weekend, teens are mentored by older teens and adults who are walking out an authentic (not perfect, but growing) releationship with Jesus.  The dates have not yet been set--however, check here for updates.

Are you ready?

This weekend experience is for anyone who:

  1. Wishes to strengthen their spiritual life
  2. Wants to have a better understanding of prayer, the sacraments, study, and Christian action
  3. Strives to live a Christian life that bears fruit for god
  4. Seeks to know Jesus as lord and savior and to make him known

You are invited by God  to be a guest...and to feast in His goodness and love.

To attend a great banquet or awakening, one must be sponsored by someone who has already attended. If you are interested in attending but don’t have a sponsor, please complete anapplication and contact the church office for assistance. Click HERE if you want to print an application to hand out.  See below to find an application to fill out & submit on-line.

Great Banquet

The Great Banquet is a 3 day experience with one weekend each for men and women in the spring and fall each year. Adults 18 years and older who are looking for spiritual growth, inner healing, food and fellowship will be encouraged by this experience.


The Awakening is a 3 day experience like the Great Banquet specifically tailored to teens going into their sophomore year through 18. The Awakening is a fantastic experience for teens who are interested in growing their faith and learning how to use it in today’s culture. The dates for these weekends have not been set--check here for updates.

Awakening Application